How Pre-Finished Natural Wood Wall Panels Can Add Spark to Your Space

How Pre-Finished Natural Wood Wall Panels Can Add Spark to Your Space

Wood paneling is a stylish alternative to paint or wallpaper that can effortlessly transform interior spaces. It offers both aesthetic refinement and acoustic and thermal insulation.

While all pre-finished wood wall panels offer a level of durability, certain hardwoods have unique grain patterns that craft a sense of organic depth to the space and empower your home’s story.

1. Durability

Pre-finished wood wall paneling is an excellent choice for inducing a touch of natural beauty and organic style to any space. Unlike other wall decoration such as paint or wallpaper, which can be easily damaged by scratches and everyday wear of use, wood is extremely durable. It is also easy to maintain and simple to clean with a damp cloth.

In a commercial setting, the durability of wood cladding is especially important. High-end retail establishments, in particular, demand top-quality materials that can go longer with the demands of the environment and a demanding customer base.

Engineered wood panels can be finished with a wire-brushed or smooth finish to accommodate the design needs of any commercial establishment. In addition, these materials are resistant to the high-traffic impact that is common in these types of establishments and can resist dents and marks caused by shelving, racks, hangers, furniture, and other fixtures and furnishings.

These pre-finished wood wall panels are available in a wide array of styles and finishes at Modern Slats, ensuring that they will blend seamlessly into any room. Types such as beadboard and shiplap are ideal for rooms that require added texture and dimension, while raised panels can give a more colonial aesthetic.

In addition, these products are available in a range of colors to match any décor and provide the perfect finishing touch. Plus, the antimicrobial properties of wood make it a good choice for areas that need to be kept clean and sanitary.

2. Easy Installation

Wood panels offer a more straightforward installation than paint or wallpaper. The tongue and groove design of the paneling fits into each other, making it easy to create a smooth and cohesive wall surface.

In addition, there are many different types of wood panels to choose from. Reclaimed planks and beadboard add texture and visual interest to a space, while raised panels work well in Colonial-style homes.

When installing pre-finished wood wall panels, be sure to leave a small gap between each panel for expansion and contraction caused by changes in humidity.

This can prevent buckling or warping and helps to protect the structure of the walls. Shims are often used during the installation process to maintain these gaps and can be removed once the panels are fully in place.

If you're planning to install a wood paneling style that has a pattern, make a drawing of the layout to ensure accurate measurements and a seamless fit. Accurate measurements are particularly important for areas that require a tighter fit, such as corners.

If you're unsure about how to measure and lay out your panels, consider hiring a professional like Modern Slats for the job. They'll have the experience and tools to ensure your panels are installed properly and look great. This may be worth the investment if you don't want to deal with the hassle and mess of a DIY project.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

Pre-finished wood wall panels offer a unique blend of beauty and style. They can be painted, stained or left natural. You can even opt for 3D wood wall panels in geometric patterns for a bold aesthetic. They come in a range of finishes to suit any design taste, including glossy, matte and dark or light finishes such as walnut and wenge.

Unlike wallpaper, which may be difficult to install and is often subject to flaws like adhesive residue or misaligned seams, wood paneling is easy to put up. Before you start installing, sand the battens to ensure they are smooth and will accept the panels.

Drill screw holes into the battens if they are not already there, and make sure that you use the same marking position for each hole to guarantee that they will line up properly when you fit them. It is also a good idea to test your screws before drilling into the paneling.

Tongue and groove wall panels, which have a tongue on one side that fits into the groove on the adjoining panel, make up a large proportion of wood paneling options available.

These are easy to install and can be either painted or stained. They are also easy to cut, allowing you to fit them around light switches and sockets by removing the faceplate, marking the shape with pencil compass or a jigsaw and cutting using a fine-tooth saw blade.

4. Versatile

Regardless of the design vibe you're striving for, there is a type of wood paneling to complement it. From reclaimed to contemporary, you'll find numerous wall paneling ideas to transform rooms from bland and dull into stylish focal points.

One of the most versatile types of pre-finished wood wall cladding is beadboard, which has small grooves along each board. This pattern can evoke a classic country aesthetic and meshes with modern decor well, especially when painted or stained.

Another popular style of paneling is shiplap, which is often used on barns and sheds. It's also an excellent option for walls because it's easy to stain or paint and is durable against the elements. Another type of wall paneling is tongue-and-groove click panels, which are smaller than traditional paneling and easier to install. These are ideal for DIY projects and can be used to produce a variety of patterns.

Slatted wood wall paneling is an excellent choice for hospitality spaces because it accentuates the ambiance and creates a sense of tranquility for guests. It's also practical because it provides acoustic benefits to open-plan dining and socializing areas.

Sustainably cut wood wall panels are made from fresh, clean timber that's been harvested and milled for this purpose. This type of paneling can be installed horizontally or vertically, and it's suitable for any design style. Reclaimed wood, on the other hand, has a history and character that lends it to more rustic designs.

Wrap Up!

Buying high-quality pre-finished wood wall paneling can be daunting. But when you collaborate with Modern Slats, you can’t go wrong.

Our decorative wood panels are all treated with a UV stain/oil to extend their lifespan and improve their appearance. You won't need to apply any additional stain to the panels yourself—simply unpack and install them.

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