How to Change the Overall Look with Decorative Wood Wall Panels

How to Change the Overall Look with Decorative Wood Wall Panels

Decorative wood wall panels are not just a solution, they are a transformative tool that can completely revolutionize a space.

Their adaptability and budget-friendly nature make them a perfect choice for any home or business, offering you the thrilling opportunity to explore various creative possibilities and truly transform your space.

They can be easily textured, which makes them perfect for a rustic look. They can also be painted, which allows you to create a modern look.

The versatility of decorative wood wall panels is truly fascinating, offering a wide range of options to suit any style or aesthetic, sparking your curiosity and encouraging you to explore the endless creative possibilities.

  1. Add Texture

Adding texture to a wall is one of the best ways to add interest and depth. While modern trends have leaned toward flat walls with a focus on color, the addition of textured walls can bring a unique personality to your home that you simply cannot achieve with a paint color alone.

Whether you're seeking a quick and easy update or want to make a bold dramatic statement, decorative wood wall panels can confidently add dimension to any space.

Unlike traditional paneling, these lightweight decorative wood wall panels are designed with lightweight materials that are ideal for an easy, modern home.

They also come in various shapes, sizes, and even designs, so you can choose different looks right when one for you comes home, empowering you to confidently experiment with your interior design skills.

If you're not ready to take on a full renovation project, a simple coat of paint can give your existing panels a fresh new look. To add texture, consider using a textured additive, like sand or cornmeal, mixed with your paint.

Apply the mixture with a roller or brush, then use a comb or other textured tool to create the desired effect. This can create an effect that's both subtle and eye-catching, boosting your confidence in your interior design skills.

Another option is to whitewash your paneling, which will maintain the texture while lightening them.

You can also use a stencil to add a pattern, such as a Moghul-style block stencil, or even a comb texture, which you can accomplish by dragging a comb across the surface of your paint. This will create a wavy effect that adds interest to your space.

  1. Create a Focal Point

When used for accent walls or to frame artwork, a decorative wall panel can inspire you to create a focal point that draws attention from the rest of the room.

Choose a bold color, like blue, to add a pop of interest or whitewash the panels for a natural look that’s easy to clean, sparking your imagination for your interior design project.

Wood paneling is making a comeback because it carries a timeless style that brings a warm, distinctive vibe to homes and businesses.

Modern approaches to the trend include painting panels in bold colors, using reclaimed wood for an eco-friendly touch, or installing them in unexpected patterns for a geometric look.

When choosing your wood paneling, consider the type of wood used. Oak and pine are popular choices for their durability and natural beauty, while bamboo is a sustainable option that adds a unique texture to your space.

In a dining area, fluted panels can draw attention to a sideboard or buffet, transforming an otherwise drab room into a stunning space that’s sure to impress guests.

You can also use them to dress up a fireplace and give your home a dramatic focal point. For a more contemporary look, consider installing geometric patterned panels in a living room or bedroom.

Whether you’re remodeling an office or a retail space, decorative wood wall panels offer a cost-effective way to transform your business into an impressive space that creates a positive impression on customers, shoppers, and clients alike.

They’re a budget-friendly alternative to a full renovation, often costing less than other wall treatments, and are designed for easy installation, cleaning, and swapping out for a different look when the time comes.

This affordability allows you to update your space without breaking the bank, sparking excitement about the potential of these panels to elevate your business space.

  1. Add Color

While paint is a popular choice for adding color to a wall, it's not the only option. Many architectural features, including molding, mantels, built-in bookcases, and arched doorways, offer opportunities to enhance a room's color palette without overwhelming it.

The color consultant suggests painting these features just a shade lighter or blacker than the primary wall to make them stand out. This approach can create a harmonious yet visually interesting space.

Another way to introduce color to a wall without painting is by stenciling. Even a simple Moghul-style block stencil can add decorative flair to plain wood paneling. 

If you're not ready to commit to a permanent color change, try using fabric on the walls. Whether you choose a patterned wallpaper or a more subtle, textural fabric, this is a great way to introduce color in a way that's easier to remove if you ever want to redo the room.

For a really striking look, try using a piece of wallpaper that replicates natural materials such as brick, stone or wood. This is an especially good choice for rooms with large windows and lots of natural light, as the color will be reflected in those areas.

  1. Add Interest

It is an excellent way to add visual interest to a space. Whether you're using full walls or accenting a headboard, thoughtfully integrating them into your overall aesthetic can help you develop a truly stunning space.

When it comes to wood paneling, there are endless design options to choose from. From traditional beadboard to patterned millwork, you can select from a big range of textures and styles that can be tailored to your space. Adding interest can also be as simple as painting your panels a bold color to make them more eye-catching.

Consider contrasting your wall panels with a more luxurious texture, like marble, to create a beautiful contrast.

Or try a simple tongue and groove style with narrow slats that'll give your space a relaxed country look. If you want something more modern, try geometric motifs printed on a contrasting wall panel to add a pop of interest to your room.

If you have a little money to spend on changing your paneling, consider giving it a face-lift by adorning it with flowers or hanging a piece of art.

This will draw the eye away from your old paneling and create a more interesting focal point. You can also use wooden molding to create a picture frame effect around artwork or canvasses that you're hanging on your walls.

Final Words!

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