About Us

We strive to find high quality products that elevate home and commercial spaces. We believe that your environment should be a unique reflection of your style, and source products that do just that.

Choose From a Unique Array of Eco-Friendly Panels

At Modernslats, you will find the finest slat wood wall panels that are designed to blend contemporary aesthetics with exceptional functionality. Our company name, "Modernslats," reflects our steadfast commitment to selling cutting-edge solutions for interior design, ensuring a great look and great sound in your rooms.

Quality is what we are known for, and we never compromise it. You will definitely enjoy something unique and sleek for your home decor.

Selling Environment-Friendly Panels

Our eco-friendly panels complement your environment's aesthetic appeal and contribute to a sustainable future. With eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, our panels are a responsible choice for those who value style, functionality, and the health of our planet. Creating a harmonious balance between design and sustainability can be achieved with our environmentally friendly panels.

Quick and Affordable

Modernslats understand the importance of convenience and cost-effectiveness. You can transform your spaces without breaking the bank or enduring lengthy, disruptive installations thanks to our adherence to quick and affordable solutions. With us, you'll experience a hassle-free process from selection to installation, ensuring that your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Ready to transfer your space

Why We Are Different


High design standard

We simply love to develop and produce beautiful products. Our goal is to beautify the world using eco-friendly products.


Dedicated team

We are all motivated and keen to assist you quickly and competently. Starting from the product selection, to the support with processing or delivery inquiries.


Fast availability

All our products are in stock to guarantee you the fastest possible delivery times. Our processes are optimized to be ready for delivery within a few days.


Light and time saving

Our products are lightweight and Processing is done with standard woodworking tools.


Free Delivery

We ship our products anywhere in North America with no shipping fee to our customers.