Modern Wood Panels For Walls: Popular Options For Home Decor

Modern Wood Panels For Walls: Popular Options For Home Decor

This year has seen a huge shift in the way people are decorating their homes. People are looking for more character, warmth and sophistication.

Our wood wall paneling is the perfect solution. They are designed to effortlessly transform any space and provide a feeling of refined tranquility.

Our slat wood paneling is made from veneered oak lamellas on the bottom of the acoustic felt. They are easy to install and can be screwed straight into walls or, if desired, batons.

Luxury White Oiled Oak Acoustic Slat

Whether you’re a fan of slat paneling or not, we’ve got something to suit every taste. Our collection of natural wood wall panels comes in various colors and textures to help you create the perfect home decor. Unlike wallpaper which requires professional installation, wood wall panels are easy to fit by competent DIYers. Wood paneling is also more cost-effective than wallpapering as it provides thermal insulative properties too.

Our luxury white wood wall panel consists of wide slats that give the design a unique character. It has been treated with a high quality oiled finish that enhances its durability and enriches its natural allure. The acoustic panel has been backed with 9mm sound-absorbing felt, which can achieve Class-A sound insulation.

Unlike traditional cladding, these white wood slat wall panels are designed to provide a flat surface with minimal gaps. This makes them perfect for modern homes and interiors of all types. It can be finished with a satin or gloss wax/oil for a subtle sheen or left in its natural state to create a rustic charm.

Previously considered to be only suitable for period properties, wooden wall panels have now made a comeback into new and contemporary homes too. Our eco-slat range, for example, resembles a modern version of traditional ‘shiplap’ and is an excellent alternative to more expensive timber wall coverings such as shingles or log cabin walls.

Luxury Charcoal Oiled Oak Acoustic

Designed to add contemporary appeal to interior walls, these acoustic wood wall panels can bring a hotel-luxe vibe to your home. The slatted oak real wood veneer is bonded to a black MDF core, creating a stylish and functional interior solution with superb acoustic properties.

The beauty of the slatted style is that it can be easily customized to complement your aesthetic, with different widths and spacing available for a truly bespoke look. The wood is oiled for protection but can be sanded down and painted over in the future to refresh the design.

These panels are renter-friendly, allowing you to secure them to the wall using screws that pass through the felt backing. This means that any holes left behind upon removal will be minimal and usually fall within the scope of acceptable wear and tear under most lease agreements. Wall putty can be used to fill in any remaining holes and restore the surface.

The reclaimed wood paneling style is an alternative to cladding your whole house in authentic weathered planks, which can be costly and laborious. Instead, choose our charcoal range, where the genuine reclaimed wood is already treated, sanded and sealed, saving you time and money.

Luxury Smoke Oiled Oak Acoustic

In a time when drywall was developed to make interior construction cheap and fast, paneling has been the discerning choice for those looking to add a timeless feel to their home or building. Wood wall panels create an exclusive smokey feel to the space, offering comfort and warmth that a bare plaster or wallpaper cannot provide.

While shiplap is the popular style of choice for many modern homes, this is just one of many options available to choose from. Our smoke oak acoustic wall panel is an example of a modern design that emulates the look of classic traditional 'board and battening'.

The slatted acoustic design of the panels is perfect for creating an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and opulent. Its dark hues and textured appearance work to bring the room together in a way that is not only visually appealing but also helps to reduce echoing and noise levels when installed as directed.

Unlike traditional wood paneling that was fitted to the walls individually, our acoustic slat panel is designed for quick and easy installation. Just apply a strong grab adhesive or construction glue to the reverse of the felt back and secure the panel into place on your wall. The panels can then be screwed directly into the wall or, if acoustic performance is a priority, into batons.

Luxury Dark Walnut Oiled Oak

Our luxury dark walnut oiled oak panels offer a stunning alternative to traditional flat panel styles. This wall cladding option features a book-matched appearance, and the natural wood grain is perfectly uniform across each panel. Walnut is a very popular choice for interior cladding as it offers a warm and aesthetically pleasing aesthetic that is instantly recognizable. This wood type also works extremely well with other colors and finishes to create a more modern look and feel.

Our premium wood wall paneling is available in a range of sizes and designs, making them a versatile option for any interior space or room upgrade project. Whether you are looking to create a single wall cladding feature or an entire room, these wooden boards can be cut down to size and easily fitted by the most competent professionals like Modern Slats.

These acoustic wall panels are designed to reduce noise pollution and enhance privacy in any interior environment. They are ideal for rooms such as bathrooms, living spaces and dining areas where a quieter, more serene atmosphere is desired.

Whether you are looking to create a more modern and contemporary look and feel or a classic period-style interior, these beautiful wood panels are an ideal means of adding a touch of elegance and refinement. They are a fantastic modern alternative to wallpaper which can be both expensive and difficult to apply correctly. These wooden wall panels are much easier to fit and can also be painted over if the need arises.

Wrap Up!

Due to the high competition in the market, finding the most trustworthy provider and installer of this wood wall paneling is daunting. This is where Modern Slats comes in and sprinkles its unmatchable product line and installation services. Every panel type you have read above is available at a reasonable price. Visit our store today and get refundable samples!
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