Add Decorative Wall Wood Panels to Transform Your Outdoor Area

Add Decorative Wall Wood Panels to Transform Your Outdoor Area

Decorative wall wood panels can transform walls into a focal point that inspires and relaxes. Using unique textures, colors and designs, these panels are a great addition to any outdoor area.

One popular option is shiplap, which can be used as wainscoting or to create an accent wall. Other styles include raised paneling and tongue-and-groove boards that can be installed with ease.

At Modern Slats, you will find a huge collection of luxury wall panels for your outdoor space. They come in numerous styles and designs.

Luckily, you can order the sample according to your decor to make the best fittings. However, to let you understand these wall panelings, read this guide from head to toe.

What Are Decorative Wall Panels?

Decorative wood panelings are designed to elevate the aesthetics of any space. Whether used to draw the eye in-crowd to a swanky new bar or transform a basic bland partition into a stunning centerpiece, they are ideal for both residential and commercial settings. They are made to withstand the elements, offering water resistance for long-lasting use.

They can enliven a room in bold 3D relief or soothe the senses in faux natural material finishes and are available in a multitude of size options.

These versatile and stylish surfacing solutions can be nailed or screwed to walls to instantly add a new dimension to any space.

Unlike other interior wall paneling ranges, Eco-Slat can be fitted horizontally and vertically and is available in a wide variety of colorways. These include white, grey, black, gold, and brown to suit personal preferences or harmonize with other internal uses.

Eco-Slat is made to be environmentally friendly, using recycled materials and wood fibers with thermoplastic resins. It can be fixed to walls in the same way as other cladding, but it also works well on frames and flat surfaces.

How Are Decorative Wall Panels Made?

Decorative wall paneling can be made from a wide variety of materials. One popular choice is wood, which creates a natural look that suits many interior design styles.

Depending on the type of wood used, it may be treated for durability or made fire retardant. Another option is plywood, which is made from layers of wood veneers. It is a durable material that can resist moisture and impact damage.

Metal is another common choice for decorative wall panels. It can add a modern touch to any space and is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Stainless steel can also add an industrial feel to any space. If you want a more earthy feel, consider using natural stone or slate.

Finally, plastic wood wall panels can be an excellent option for a variety of styles. You can choose from a wide range of styles, from fluted walls to raised panels, that give your space a unique look.

The key to installing wall panels is to remember to always measure twice and cut once. This will ensure you get the best results and avoid any mistakes that could result in costly repairs.

Decorative Veneer

A decorative veneer is a type of wood panel that is bonded to a thicker material like plywood or MDF for structure. It can be used to add visual interest to a space, or it can be carved to create a unique design.

It can also be textured to add depth and visual appeal. Decorative veneer can be a great choice for walls, furniture, and double doors.

Depending on the style of wall panels, you can pick from a variety of different finishes and grain patterns.

You can also play with the size and layout of the panels. For example, you can use long panels in a chevron or herringbone pattern instead of the classic vertical layout.

The best part of selling veneer is that it can help you differentiate your business from the competition. It can give your business a distinct identity and attract architects to frequent your store, giving you healthy margins and a sense of accomplishment.

It can even become your brand name, a synonym for class and satisfaction. It’s a product that will never go out of fashion, so you can enjoy a steady revenue stream for years to come.

Decorative MDF

MDF wall panels are ideal for DIY project work as it is easy to cut, drill and shape into a variety of different designs. The material is also resistant to moisture.

A decorative MDF wall panel requires little care other than occasionally wiping down with a damp cloth.

The material is also more resistant to impact damage than natural wood, making it suitable for use in areas that are often prone to collisions or impacts with furniture and other objects.

It is also easier to clean than natural wood and can be shaped into cornices, wainscoting or moldings. It can also be painted or stained in a range of different colors to suit the décor and atmosphere of any room.

A light paint job will give a contemporary look, while dark stains can create a more rustic feel. The material is also available in a fire retardant version to help protect against the spread of fire.

This makes it suitable for a wider range of projects, including stand construction and product presentations in stores and showrooms.

Hanging Baskets and Plants

The best way to make an outdoor space feel welcoming is by introducing some greenery. Hanging baskets are a popular way to do just that, transforming outdoor spaces into captivating suspended gardens. With a little care, hanging baskets can last through the entire growing season.

While classics like geraniums and petunias are always a great choice, try something unusual for an eye-catching flower combo that your friends will ooh and aah over.

For example, the shade-loving Butterfly Orchid and Purple-Leaf Alternanthera complement each other beautifully in this basket, which also features old-fashioned impatiens and wax begonias. To add interest and depth to the arrangement, include filler plants with outstanding foliage, such as coleus, lobelia, and dichondra.

Adding some unique planters or even making your own wooden wall planters are great ways to elevate any outdoor space. Opt from a diverse range of colors and textures to suit your tastes and your space.

For a bold and eye-catching look, consider choosing a natural wood panel with visible grain. Modern Slats's weathered paneling evokes the look of rustic barn wood for an authentic, natural look that is easy to install.

Wrap Up!

At Modern Slats,, we understand that both home and commercial spaces need something extraordinary to stand out. This is where these decorative wall panels made of wood are best.

Due to this need, we offer a unique collection that includes luxury white oiled oak, charcoal, smoke-oiled, and dark walnut, which are the top-selling items.

Our wood wall panelings are made to stand the test of time with durable, high-quality materials to ensure lasting beauty. Plus, they are easy to install and take care of, making them the perfect choice for any space.

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