What Shower Wall Panels Can Do For Your Bathroom

What Shower Wall Panels Can Do For Your Bathroom

Shower wall panels are a practical option for homeowners seeking a high-end look with minimal fuss. They come in large sheets and don’t need grout, so they are quick and easy to fit.

What’s more, they are waterproof and resistant to mildew and mold. They are also much more affordable than traditional tiles.

High-End Look

Shower wood wall panels have a very distinct high-end look about them which makes them more desirable than tiles. When fitted to a smooth new plastered wall and with the right accessories, they can provide a clean, modern, sleek aesthetic, which many homeowners find appealing.

Shower walls are available in various styles, patterns and colors to suit different bathroom design tastes. Some are even made to replicate the look of tiles. For example, the big brand Modern Slats offers a range of wood wall paneling for bathrooms to create a consistent look throughout the washroom.

Similarly, there are panels available that are more reminiscent of natural wood. These tend to be more expensive but offer a premium, designer feel that can really transform the bathroom. The type of material used in the construction of wet room panels also has an impact on the price.


There is no better alternative to tile than shower wood wall panels, which offer superior resilience over tile. The best choice for bathrooms is their water resistance and ease of cleaning. They are also more affordable than traditional tiles, making them an attractive option for many homeowners.

With an option of colors, textures, and styles available, they’re perfect for creating the stylish and elegant bathroom of your dreams. Plus, they’re much faster and easier to install than tiles, minimizing mess and disruption while you’re renovating.

The panels can be used to cover almost any surface, including existing tiled walls. Multipanel’s tongue and groove panel joining system allows you to achieve a flush finish even if your walls aren’t perfectly straight. It can tolerate up to a 6mm bow, allowing you to create an uninterrupted, seamless finish between interlocking panels.

Many homeowners opt for bespoke shower wood paneling to give their bathroom a unique style that they can call their own. Big brands like Modern Slats have a range of options, from acoustic effect panels to more decorative and smoky options.

The most important feature to consider is water-resistance. Wall wood paneling’s solid surface has negligible porosity, which safeguards against moisture damage and minimizes the need for regular sealing and grout upkeep. This translates to significant savings in time and money and ensures your bathroom looks its best for years to come.

Easy to Clean

Wall wood panels are a practical choice because they're easy to keep clean. Unlike tiles that can be susceptible to mildew and mold buildup, the impervious surface of panels prevents this issue.

In addition, they won't require grout sealing and re-grouting as often. This efficiency reduces cleaning durations and helps to cut down on maintenance costs over time.

There is a huge range of panels available on the market today. This includes inspired laminates, solid surfaces, cultured granites and decorative PVC offerings. These high-end panels are a far cry from the cheap fiberglass and acrylic panels you'd get at your local home center store (although they still work well for guest bathrooms and rental properties).

These new, innovative bathroom wall options offer an array of designs. There are also models that look like natural stone and wood. Some brands, such as Wetwall and Showerwall, even have a visualizer app that you can use to see how different finishes will look in your space.

When you choose the right panels for your space, make sure they're suitable for your bathroom layout.

For example, if you're using them in your shower enclosure, make sure they're waterproof and can withstand humidity. Also, make sure that they're easy to install in your bathroom and come with a guarantee.

Easy to Install

When you opt for shower wood panels for bathrooms over tiles, you can complete the remodel at lightning speed. This is because you won’t have to wait for the adhesive and grout to dry before you can use your new bathroom. Instead, you can simply fit your chosen paneling to the wall and then seal the edges.

While some types of shower walls for bathrooms require professional installation, the vast majority are designed to be self-installed. In fact, they can be fitted directly over existing tile or drywall. This makes them a great option for DIYers who are looking to save money on a costly bathroom renovation.

To fit your new wood panels, you’ll need a few key tools. These include a fine-tooth hand saw, measuring tape and a pencil. You’ll also want to wear safety glasses during the process to protect your eyes from flying debris.

Once you’ve got your tools, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to fit your new shower walls.

You’ll typically start with the trim pieces first and then seal the back of each one. Once this is done, you can fit the end trim piece over the panel and press it into place. Be sure to add some sealant around the edge of the corner trim piece as well to ensure that your bathroom is watertight.

Get Help From Modern Slats

When it comes to buying the best shower wood wall panels then, Modern Slats comes in the first row with its unique acoustic collection. Modern Slats offers a wide range of high-quality wood wall panels that are perfect for bathrooms.

Our versatile array is not only stylish but also durable and reliable. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best value for your money.

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